The German International University (GIU) is a state-recognized university in Berlin, Germany, that strives for excellence in research and teaching as well as in integration of both. GIU offers accredited study programs in various fields in order to qualify students, especially in the technical sciences, for academic careers and/or to meet the demands of German, European and international employers.

GIU concentrates on research in the areas of Engineering, Management and Design. It provides an anchor for cooperation with German partners and partner universities abroad through research-oriented professorships and new study programs. Thus GIU opens up new possibilities for the transfer of knowledge and exchange of students and to make a significant contributions to international cooperation between science and industry.

GIU promotes cultural cooperation through German language education, cultural offers, intercultural events and other activities accompanying the study. Hence, GIU contributes to greater exchange, knowledge and understanding between Germany and other countries and enriches Berlin's cosmopolitan cultural offerings.

GIU is committed to values such as openness, innovation, respect, truth, teamwork, flexibility, and diversity. It supports academically outstanding students through scholarships and aims at establishing a center of excellence aiming at scientific, technical and economic cooperation between Germany and the international community.