Health insurance          

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany to cover the costs of medical treatment. The German health insurance system differentiates between public insurance companies (“gesetzliche Krankenversicherung”) and private insurance companies (“private Krankenversicherung).

All students in Germany must have a valid health insurance (from a private or a public health insurance company).

All students, who are not entitled to the public health insurance, have to take out a private health insurance or take a voluntary insurance policy ("freiwillige Versicherung") at a public insurance. The monthly rates for voluntary insurance will be higher than the student health insurance. Rates of private health insurances can differ from company to company.

Students From Countries Which Have a Social Security Agreement With Germany

Students from EU countries and from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Tunesia and Turkey do not need to take a health insurance policy in Germany. They only need to bring proof of health insurance from their home countries. Get an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) from your insurance company. 

Students who Have Private Health Insurance at Home Which They Want to use Here

Students with private insurance from their home country need to bring a confirmation in English or German stating that it covers all costs in case of medical treatment. With this document they can choose any public health insurance and ask for exemption from the obligatory German health insurance. A travel insurance is not sufficient for this purpose.

Please note:

  • Patients with a private health insurance will be billed personally, they have to pay the bill for medical treatment themselves and can later submit the bill to their insurance company to get the amount reimbursed
  • Please note: private insurances do not cover the costs for medical treatment of diseases that existed before entering Germany


How can GIU support me in that process?

GIU recommends for its students the “Mawista Student Plus” insurance.

For more information about MAWISTA:

GIU will support you if you need help in liaising with the health insurance, the doctors or hospital.