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Program Detail


Bachelor of Arts in Design


The Design Program at the GIU develops innovation and critical thinking alongside comprehensive communication and technical skills. Interdisciplinary research methods are offered that expand the understanding of the role of design regionally and internationally. Through its distinctive academic content, the program has a practical nature which stimulates students' capacity for reflection, and identifies opportunities to both create new and transform existing experiences in the everyday lives of our society.

Graduates of the Design study program will have solid practical and theoretical knowledge in the fields of graphic design, media design and product design. This will qualify them for a wide range of successful careers in the design industry worldwide, dependent on their design specialization. At present, there is also a rare opportunity to make a profound impact on the developing regional design industries.

Specializing in Graphic Design can lead to employment in communication and brand design, web and multimedia design, or advertising. Potential employers include branding consultancies, publishers, advertising firms, educational institutions, corporations and design firms. Potential job titles include communications specialist, graphic designer, art director, creative director, commercial artist/illustrator, type designer, multimedia director, UX or web designer, game design, brand manager and communications manager.

Students that choose to specialize in Media Design may embark on a career in film/video direction and production, post-production, photojournalism, interaction and visual design, interactive environments design, user experience research, UX Design, media art, game design/development, motion graphics and animation. Possible employers include the film and television industries, media companies, production and post-production houses, digital design agencies, online businesses, web industries and the gaming industry.

Graduates specializing in Product Design pursue careers in industrial/product design, interior and spatial design, furniture design, exhibition design, and production design (theatre/television/film). Employers encompass both public and private sector including industrial domestic product manufacturers, car manufacturers, retailers, point-of-sale design firms, government and cultural institutions.

Program Structure

The study program Bachelor of Arts in Design consists of 7 semesters. Students earn a total of 210 ECTS credit points according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.